Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gaming: Heroclix - Superman Prime

What can you say? He's a monster! But that 318 points makes him a prohibitive monster. At least they only gave him 1 ranged attack!

Gaming: Heroclix - Saturn Queen

Mind Control + Super Senses throughout the whole dial makes for a good disruptive piece.

Gaming: Heroclix - Lightning Lord

Lightning Lord proves once again that he's just a little bit better than Lightning Lad.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Legion Magic: Shrinking Violet

Legion Comments:Shrinking Violet was born on the planet Imsk where everyone has the power to shrink to minute size. She is one of the better hand-to-hand combatants in the Legion.
Magic Comments:I was inspired by Doran, the Siege Tower when interpreting her power.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Legion Magic: Duplicate Boy

Legion Comments:With his ability to copy the powers of other beings, Duplicate Boy could arguably be the most powerful super-hero in the 31st century. Unfortunately his lack of imagination and seldom used common sense relegates him to using the typical Kryptonian set of powers most of the time.
Magic Comments:I used variations on the powers of Experiment Kraj, Quicksilver Elemental, and Sworn Defender, all cobbled together in order to make this one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Legion Magic: Colossal Boy

Legion Comments:Colossal Boy was a Science Police cadet that gained the power to grow to gigantic size while vacationing on Mars.
Magic Comments:Green was pretty much a given for the growth power, trample, and anti-flying, with White added for his defensive capabilities and extra blocking due to his added size.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gaming: Heroclix - Element Lad

The second Legion centric preview from Arkham Asylum.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Legion Magic: Durla

Legion Comments:Chameleon Boy's home planet. Populated by a race of shape-shifters.
Magic Comments:I have it giving a limited form of the changeling ability, with the option of choice. With the ability to pick and choose, it might even be better.

Legion Magic: Chameleon Boy

Legion Comments:A shape-shifter from the planet Durla, Chameleon Boy is very fast and agile.
Magic Comments:So far, Chameleon Boy is the only Legionnaire to have only one power, due to its wordiness. Thanks to the "Licids" for help with that. Next to Sensor Girl, this was the hardest so far to pin down.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gaming: Heroclix - Cosmic King

The first Legion centric preview from Arkham Asylum.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gaming: Heroclix - Arkham Asylum

An unconfirmed spoiler has been released/leaked for the Arkham Asylum set due to come out on 10/22/08.

Legion Related Figures:

Full spoiler list.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Legion Magic: Saturn Girl

Legion Comments:Arguably the most gifted telepath to come from Titan. She can control a being temporarily or outright supplant it's will.

Magic Comments:Her abilities are a combination of Overtaker and Commandeer, with the added costs of a spellshaper.

Legion Magic: Lightning Lad & Lightning Lass

Legion Comments:Twin siblings, both with the power to generate electric blasts. They could also absorb electricity.
Magic Comments:I gave them Kumano, Master Yamabushi's damage ability (it seems that's my standard for red creature damage), and an underpowered variation of Pilgrim of Justice's ability.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Legion Magic: Starhaven

Legion Comments:Dawnstar's home planet. Settled by Native Americans who were looking for a world more spiritually pure and natural than Earth had become. Although they are as technologically advanced as the rest of the United Planets, they strive to keep most of their world natural and pristine.
Magic Comments:I think its abilities are a good reflection of the source and create a good symmetry for fliers.

Legion Magic: Dawnstar

Legion Comments:Dawnstar is a mutant born with the ability to track and locate anything through the far reaches of space...even through space warps or teleportation. She can fly at warp speeds, and survive unaided in space.
Magic Comments:I'm not sure about the text for "evasion and protection abilities," even though both are listed and defined in the comprehensive rules. Without using the text that way it becomes even more wordy than it is. Another card that benefited from the addition of the Shroud ability. I've got to redo this and add Haste to her keywords.

Legion Magic: Wildfire

Legion Comments:Wildfire is a living being made up of anti-energy. He needs a containment suit to keep a semblance of a human form. The suit also helps him fly on his own, and project energy blasts. If his suit is destroyed he can inhabit another containment suit when one becomes available.
Magic Comments:I gave him Kumano, Master Yamabushi's damage ability, and a variation of Ichorid's back into play ability.

Legion Magic: Mordru Raises The Dead

Legion Comments:During one of his attempts at galactic domination, Mordru used the undead as his army. One of the Legion’s worst battles was against their own dead members.
Magic Comments:Based this on the Torment enchantment Dawn of the Dead. The casting cost is one less and the creatures don't go away at end of turn, but there is a mana cost to getting them and it's only from your opponent's graveyard.

Legion Magic: Cosmic Boy

Legion Comments:Cosmic Boy is one of the Legion’s original three founders, and the first Legion leader. He has the Braalian’s power to control magnetism, although his is stronger and more highly developed.
Magic Comments:His control over magnetism is reflected by his abilities to affect Artifacts.

Legion Magic: Braal

Legion Comments:Cosmic Boy’s home planet.
Magic Comments:A copy of the Mountain basic land.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Legion Magic: Invisible Kid II

Legion Comments:Jacques Foccart drank a vial of the same invisibility serum as his namesake in order to defeat the megalomaniacal machine, COMPUTO. Since it was created to affect the first Invisible Kid's DNA, it had a slightly different effect on Jacques, sometimes with disastrous consequences.
Magic Comments:Same as Invisible Kid below, on the first ability. He would sometimes teleport accidentally and take another person with him. This could sometimes kill the other person.

Legion Magic: Invisible Kid

Legion Comments:A brilliant scientist, researcher, and inventor. Created the serum that allows him to become invisible and undetectable by any known means. He died saving his teammates from the Fatal Five villain Validus.
Magic Comments:The first ability reflects his invisible power...thank you shroud...and the second represents his other skills.

Legion Magic: Chemical King

Legion Comments:Chemical King was a mutant born with the power to control chemical reactions. He died stopping a bomb that, if it had exploded, would have set in motion the start of World War VII.
Magic Comments:I gave him a combination of the abilities from Stifle and the Ouphes/Hinder.

Legion Magic: Element Lad

Legion Comments:Element Lad is one of the most powerful members of the Legion. He is the sole remaining member of a race with the inherent ability to transmute elements.
Magic Comments:Like the planet he is from, Element Lad is a mana fixer. He's a bit more powerful and versatile, though, with the added ability to delve into the graveyard.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Legion Magic: Trom

Legion Comments:Trom is a highly radioactive world, whose inhabitants gained the ability to change one element to another. The entire population was wiped out by the pirate Roxxas, with the exception of one survivor, Jan Arrah, who went on to become Element Lad.
Magic Comments:A mana fixer land that has the benefit of being able to get rid of a permanent you no longer need, or are going to lose anyway.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Legion Magic: Mentalla

Legion Comments:She had the ability to take over a portion of a person's mind, controlling it. Left the Legion Training Academy on an unathorized mission to infiltrate the new Fatal Five undercover, with the intention of capturing them in order to impress the Legion. Killed by the Emerald Empress.
Magic Comments:I gave her a non-permanent version of the Control Magic/Rubinia Soulsinger ability, with Quicksilver Elemental's activation paying ability.

Legion Magic: Flare

Legion Comments:A sadistic amoral criminal born with the power to fly and generate heat through microwave projection. The second replacement for the Emerald Empress' version of the Fatal Five.
Magic Comments:A version of Brothers of Fire, with lower activation cost, and lower power/toughness.

Legion Magic: Caress

Legion Comments:A minor gangster who saw her career take off when she subjected herself to Khundish biotechnology experiments, which gave her an acidic touch and a super-powerful grip. She is one of the replacements used by the Emerald Empress for her version of the Fatal Five.
Magic Comments:The giving of the -1/-1 represents her acid touch ability. A loose combination of the Flanking ability and Rabid Rats.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Legion Magic: Emerald Eye

Legion Comments:An almost indestructible ancient relic of immense power. Needs a living host that it slowly drains the life from as it's power is used.Magic Comments:A combination of Rod of Ruin, Icy Manipulator, and a broad Circle of Protection, with a high use cost(that works well with Emerald Empress) and recursion.

Legion Magic: Emerald Empress

Legion Comments:Became a world conqueror after bonding the powerful "Emerald Eye" to her control. Realizing that the Eye has started to control her through the bond, she desperately studies history to find a way to take back control, or to break the bond.
Magic Comments:I gave her a targeted version of Yawgmoth's Will for an ability. I think she has a nice synergy with the Emerald Eye.

Legion Magic: Atomic Axe

Legion Comments:A weapon from World War VI, the Atomic Axe is a molecular sharp blade coupled with disintegration technology. It is sharp enough to cut through molecular bonds, energy fields, and has even been shown to cut through realities. It has a limited intelligence, and can be commanded to attack. It has bonded with Persuader.
Magic Comments:I gave it a high Equip cost to offset the damage and counter abilities.

Legion Magic: Persuader

Legion Comments:Persuader is a genetically-altered mercenary, and one of the best hitman in the galaxy. He has a mental link with his favorite weapon, the Atomic Axe, which he is almost never without.
Magic Comments:I gave him the fetch comes into play ability and the cheap equipment attach ability to reflect his being one of the best mercenary/hitman.

Legion Magic: Mano

Legion Comments:A mutant born with the ability to disintegrate anything with his right hand. Mano was a loner who killed those who taunted him, eventually destroying his homeworld in revenge before joining the Fatal Five.
Magic Comments:A copy of Rats of Rath with the added Deathtouch ability.

Legion Magic: Validus

Legion Comments:The "big gun" of the Fatal Five, Validus is the time-displaced, mutated son of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, with super strength, mental lightning, and a child-like brain. Mostly uncontrollable except by Tharok.
Magic Comments:A costly creature to use without the right conditions. I gave it a slightly different version of Psionic Blast for it's mental lightning ability.

Legion Magic: Tharok

Legion Comments:The original leader of the Fatal Five, Tharok is half human/half android, with a super intelligent computer brain. He is a master manipulator and schemer.
Magic Comments:A copy of Barbed Shocker without the trample and haste, and having a lower power and casting cost.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gaming: Heroclix

The latest Legion figure for the Crisis set is the peerless martial artist, Karate Kid! I'm not sure I like his face, but I do like the pose. What is that he's standing by?