Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gaming: Heroclix

The latest Legion figure for the Crisis set is the peerless martial artist, Karate Kid! I'm not sure I like his face, but I do like the pose. What is that he's standing by?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Legion Magic: Daxam

Legion Comments:Daxam is the homeworld of Mon-El.
Magic Comments:A basic land copy of a Plains.

Legion Magic: Mon-El

Legion Comments:The Legionnaire from the planet Daxam, whose natives share both genetic ancestry and powers with Kryptonians, but not their vulnerability to Kryptonite.
Magic Comments:Quite a powerful card. At times I wonder if the casting cost is too low, and then I look at the Akroma cards and think its OK. I have been thinking of taking the tap requirement out of his two abilities, though.

Legion Magic: Shadow Lass

Legion Comments:
Shadow Lass is the planetary champion of Talok VIII. She can see in the dark, and controls a black energy called the Darkfield. Using the Darkfield she can create total darkness, make Darkfield constructs, and control shadows to a degree.
Magic Comments:
Her powers were a good fit with the shadow ability. Making her blue/black gives access to the majority of the shadow spells & creatures.

Legion Magic: Nightrobe and Visor

Legion Comments:Gear the native Talokians use that enables them to see and interact in the total darkness of a Darkfield.
Magic Comments:My first equipment. Any color can use it, but it's better for Black.

Legion Magic: Talok VIII

Legion Comments:Talok VIII is the homeworld of Shadow Lass.
Magic Comments:A basic land copy of a Swamp.