Sunday, May 24, 2009

Legion Magic: Miracle Machine

Legion Comments:The Miracle Machine, a gift to the Legion from the Controllers, was able to alter reality by the use of thought. 

Magic Comments:I made it pretty much a game reseter, except for indestructibles. I've changed the casting and activation costs from my original version.

Legion Magic: Grandin Gender-Reversal Disease

Legion Comments:This 31st century disease does exactly what it's name implies...totally changes your gender from male to female or visa versa.
Magic Comments:
An exact duplicate of Polymorph.

Legion Magic: Matter-Eater Lad

Legion Comments:Matter-Eater Lad, from the planet Bismoll, has his race's ability to eat any type of matter in any form. He was shown to be able to consume heretofore indestructible items like the Miracle Machine, albeit with a hefty price.
Magic Comments:Straight forward artifact/enchantment destruction, with his second ability allowing him to get rid of indestructible artifacts, along with permanent removal.

Legion Magic: Kid Psycho

Legion Comments:Kid Psycho was born with the ability to mentally create impenetrable force fields. He was denied formal Legion membership when it was discovered that each use of his power shortened his life. He was made a member of the Legion Reserve.
Magic Comments:Like so many creatures in Magic, I just tied his power to his toughness via counters.

Legion Magic: Laurel Kent

Legion Comments:Laurel Kent originally was thought to be the 31st century's descendant of Superman and Lois Lane. She was later found to be a Manhunter sleeper robot.
Magic Comments:I just made her an indestructible artifact creature. I eventually want to make another Laurel Kent that's either a white or blue creature, and actually is Superman's relative.