Friday, January 11, 2008

Gaming: Heroclix

The newest preview for the Crisis set is none other than the winged Legionnaire Dawnstar! That's a great looking sculpt.

Comics: The holds list. Spoilers!

Countdown to Final Crisis #16: Monarch starts his war at the tail-end of the multiverse, Earth 51. I wonder who the “he” is that has been manipulating Monitor Bob? My first guess is Darkseid. At least something is happening in this book…too bad it took 36 issues. 3/5

The Twelve #1(of 12): I loved the aged cover! The art team of Weston, Leach, & Chuckry did a great job, and Straczynski’s writing had it’s usual captivating effect on me. Twelve heroes are trapped by the Nazis and left in suspended animation for 60+ years, only to be reawakened in our near future of Aug. 8, 2008. Hopefully, because of the jump, they'll be able to avoid the Skrull invasion. I feel for Rockman(who either has to be wondering why his people never came to help, or is insane) and Captain Wonder(who lost his family to time and Vietnam.) I initially thought the culprit was Master Mind Excello, who can see limitedly into the future, but now I'm leaning toward Black Widow & Dynamic Man. I think it was pointedly shown that neither of them raised their hands to signify their allegiance. The high hopes I had for this title have been somewhat diminished by the fact that the protagonists have been brought into the modern time Marvel Universe. I was expecting a stand alone golden age mini-series…guess I should read the solicits & interviews better. Despite that, I'm still looking forward to the next issue. I wonder if it will tie into the upcoming Avengers/Invaders crossover? 4.5/5

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Legion Magic: Kid Quantum II

Legion Comments:
Kid Quantum II has the ability to create time-stasis fields in a limited area. She can either retard or accelerate the passage of time for whatever is inside the field.
Magic Comments:
I limited her ability to affecting only the age, fade, and time counters for both flavor and power issues.

Legion Magic: Infinite Man

Legion Comments:
Sent accidentally through an untold amount of loops of the time stream during an experiment at the Time Institute, Doctor Jaxon Rugarth was driven insane, and endowed with the power to pull objects, beings and events from all eras of time.
Magic Comments:
His abilities are limited form combinations of Yawgmoth’s Agenda and Future Sight.

Legion Magic: Time Institute

Legion Comments:
The Time Institute is the foremost place in the United Planets for the study, application, and research of time-travel and time-manipulation theory.
Magic Comments:
Another card that benefited from a new mechanic. Accessing the past, and the future are both represented.

Legion Magic: Brainiac 5

Legion Comments:
Brainiac 5 is arguably the most brilliant being of the planet Colu, which in turn, is the planet with the most intelligent race. He left Colu to do chronological research at Earth’s Time Institute, meeting, and joining the Legion while there. He invented the Legion’s flight rings, and the force-field belt that he wears.
Magic Comments:
The non-targetable ability represents the use of his force-field belt, and the library and graveyard manipulation represents his vast knowledge and resource gathering skills.

Legion Magic: Colu

Legion Comments:
The home world of the Legion's resident genius, Brainiac 5.

Magic Comments:
A basic land copy of an Island.

kenaustin time: Getting back on track

Well, I'd gotten in a bit of a posting slump during the holidays, hopefully I'm back with at least a weekly thing with this post. I have to give much respect to the people who do this on a daily basis. Writing down your thoughts isn't as easy as it would seem to be.