Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Legion Magic: Starhaven

Legion Comments:Dawnstar's home planet. Settled by Native Americans who were looking for a world more spiritually pure and natural than Earth had become. Although they are as technologically advanced as the rest of the United Planets, they strive to keep most of their world natural and pristine.
Magic Comments:I think its abilities are a good reflection of the source and create a good symmetry for fliers.

Legion Magic: Dawnstar

Legion Comments:Dawnstar is a mutant born with the ability to track and locate anything through the far reaches of space...even through space warps or teleportation. She can fly at warp speeds, and survive unaided in space.
Magic Comments:I'm not sure about the text for "evasion and protection abilities," even though both are listed and defined in the comprehensive rules. Without using the text that way it becomes even more wordy than it is. Another card that benefited from the addition of the Shroud ability. I've got to redo this and add Haste to her keywords.

Legion Magic: Wildfire

Legion Comments:Wildfire is a living being made up of anti-energy. He needs a containment suit to keep a semblance of a human form. The suit also helps him fly on his own, and project energy blasts. If his suit is destroyed he can inhabit another containment suit when one becomes available.
Magic Comments:I gave him Kumano, Master Yamabushi's damage ability, and a variation of Ichorid's back into play ability.

Legion Magic: Mordru Raises The Dead

Legion Comments:During one of his attempts at galactic domination, Mordru used the undead as his army. One of the Legion’s worst battles was against their own dead members.
Magic Comments:Based this on the Torment enchantment Dawn of the Dead. The casting cost is one less and the creatures don't go away at end of turn, but there is a mana cost to getting them and it's only from your opponent's graveyard.

Legion Magic: Cosmic Boy

Legion Comments:Cosmic Boy is one of the Legion’s original three founders, and the first Legion leader. He has the Braalian’s power to control magnetism, although his is stronger and more highly developed.
Magic Comments:His control over magnetism is reflected by his abilities to affect Artifacts.

Legion Magic: Braal

Legion Comments:Cosmic Boy’s home planet.
Magic Comments:A copy of the Mountain basic land.