Thursday, November 26, 2009

Legion Magic: Polar Boy

Legion Comments:Coming from the extremely hot planet Tharr, Polar Boy has the power to project intense cold, allowing him to freeze objects and create ice.
Magic Comments:I gave him Ice Cage's ability, and made him able to create ice walls and defensive encasements.

Legion Magic: Luck Lords

Legion Comments:Three mystic beings who worship chaos, and dedicate themselves to magically maintaining a sense of chance in the universe.
Magic Comments:I made this from a desire to build a fun, chaotic deck that had a "chance" (pun intended) of winning. The first ability is a copy of Krark's Thumb. I might have to up the cost to UR(1), or drop the card draw ability.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Legion Magic: Star Boy

Legion Comments:Star Boy controls a facet of one of the fundamental forces of the universe, gravity. Being able to inflict gravity means he can reinforce, ground, or immobilize objects and creatures.
Magic Comments:His first ability combines a defense buff, Earthbind, and Gelid Shackles, while his second is Mind Games with a variation of Rimescale Dragon added in.

Legion Magic: Armageddon

Legion Comments:None. Picture is from Infinite Crisis #5. It just looked too cool to pass up! :-)
Magic Comments:A copy of....Armageddon.

Legion Magic: Superboy's Crisis

Legion Comments:Conner Kent, having been snatched into the 31st century against his will months before, is forced to choose who survives between his new team, the Legion, and his old team come to rescue him from the future, the Teen Titans.Magic Comments:A copy of Cataclysm.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Legion Magic: Quislet

Legion Comments:Quislet, an energy-being from an oppresive dimension called Teall, has the ability to enter and reshape inorganic matter at will, while in the process, decaying that matter at an extremely accelerated rate. Quislet escaped his dimension and came to Earth in search of fun.
Magic Comments:Being a matter animator and destroyer, I gave Quislet a cheaper costing variation of Animate Artifact, and Detonate with out the damage dealing.

Legion Magic: Batch SW6

Legion Comments:A younger group of duplicate Legionnaires found to be existing in stasis pods underneath Weisinger Plaza.
Magic Comments:Made before BoK's Mirror Gallery, it is a copy, nonetheless. I need to change the text to "The legend rule doesn't apply to creatures."

Legion Magic: Infinite Library

Legion Comments:Built outside of time by unknown hands, it is a vast repository of the history of everyone and everything from every timeline. Scholars continually search for it, mostly in vain.
Magic Comments:A modified version of Library of Alexandria.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Legion Magic: Phantom Girl

Legion Comments:Phantom Girl has the ability to become immaterial and phase in-between dimensions. While immaterial she can disrupt electrical & mechanical devices.
Magic Comments:I gave her Goblin Vandal's ability for free, a variation of the Dwarven Warriors ability, and a more color specific version of Flicker/Momentary Blink to represent her powers.

Legion Magic: Bgztl

Legion Comments:Phantom Girl's homeworld. It exists in the same space as Earth, but in another dimension.
Magic Comments:I made it a land disruption card. If your opponent relies on any certain land, you'll be able to lock it out of play.

Legion Magic: Power Melding

Legion Comments:Threeboot Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl combine their powers in order to see and talk to Mon-El in the Phantom Zone.
Magic Comments:I can't say I've seen a card that does this before. I think it works the way I have it worded.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Legion Magic: Punched Into Orbit

Legion Comments:When the Legion first encounters Pulsar Stargrave, he surprises them by punching one of their most powerful members into orbit above the planetoid P88-01.
Magic Comments:This is my first attempt at a hybrid card.

Legion Magic: Tyroc

Legion Comments:Born a mutant on the dimensionally unstable island of Marzal, Tyroc had the power to alter reality with his voice in the form of yells.
Magic Comments:I opted to make Tyroc a facilitator to represent his reality altering powers. He makes it easier for you to do what you want to do, and lets you look for what allows you to do it. The land removal reflects Marzal's dimension hopping. I might have made him too powerful for blue/green.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Legion Magic: Triplicate Girl

Legion Comments:Triplicate Girl hails from the planet Cargg. Since Cargg is in a ternary star solar system, it's inhabitants gained the power to split into three beings.
Magic Comments:Triplicate Girl is not the most powerful card, by far, but as long as you have the mana it can block and survive just about anything. Plus it's hard to get rid of.

Legion Magic: Long Live The Legion

Legion Comments:The Legion's famous battle/rallying cry.
Magic Comments:Based on the Onslaught card "Sigil of the New Dawn."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Legion Magic: Miracle Machine

Legion Comments:The Miracle Machine, a gift to the Legion from the Controllers, was able to alter reality by the use of thought. 

Magic Comments:I made it pretty much a game reseter, except for indestructibles. I've changed the casting and activation costs from my original version.

Legion Magic: Grandin Gender-Reversal Disease

Legion Comments:This 31st century disease does exactly what it's name implies...totally changes your gender from male to female or visa versa.
Magic Comments:
An exact duplicate of Polymorph.

Legion Magic: Matter-Eater Lad

Legion Comments:Matter-Eater Lad, from the planet Bismoll, has his race's ability to eat any type of matter in any form. He was shown to be able to consume heretofore indestructible items like the Miracle Machine, albeit with a hefty price.
Magic Comments:Straight forward artifact/enchantment destruction, with his second ability allowing him to get rid of indestructible artifacts, along with permanent removal.

Legion Magic: Kid Psycho

Legion Comments:Kid Psycho was born with the ability to mentally create impenetrable force fields. He was denied formal Legion membership when it was discovered that each use of his power shortened his life. He was made a member of the Legion Reserve.
Magic Comments:Like so many creatures in Magic, I just tied his power to his toughness via counters.

Legion Magic: Laurel Kent

Legion Comments:Laurel Kent originally was thought to be the 31st century's descendant of Superman and Lois Lane. She was later found to be a Manhunter sleeper robot.
Magic Comments:I just made her an indestructible artifact creature. I eventually want to make another Laurel Kent that's either a white or blue creature, and actually is Superman's relative.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Legion Magic: Timber Wolf

Legion Comments:The best Hand-to-hand fighter in the Legion after Karate Kid. He'll go for the throat with a clear shot at it, or turn feral in the face of many enemies. With his super speed, strength, and agility its hard for anybody to stop him. He was Wolverine before there was a Wolverine.

Magic Comments:Both frenzy and rampage illustrate his feral battle fury, and I gave him a cheaper version of Awesome Presence to represent his super agility.

Legion Magic: Acrobatic Maneuver

Legion Comments:During a fight in the Battle Courts, Timber Wolf demonstrates what exactly he is capable of doing with his super speed and agility.
Magic Comments:A combination of Warning and Double Cleave.

Legion Magic: Khund Challenge Courts

Legion Comments:A series of battle domes on Khundia that the inhabitants use as their system of settling judicial problems, arguments, negotiations, romantic tangles, coin flips, disagreements on the time of day....any dispute whatsoever.
Magic Comments:An enchantment version of the promotional card, Arena.

Legion Magic: Khund Battle Wagon

Legion Comments:The Khunds are a warrior race that plague the United Planets. I'm pretty certain I'll be changing this card to Tyrazz, and making Khund Battle Wagon an artifact/artifact creature.
Magic Comments:I wanted to make it sort of a Kjeldoran Outpost fortification. This is my first try at a "Future Shifted" style card.

Legion Magic: Veilmist

Legion Comments:Veilmist, a Khundish teleporter, joined the Legion to help in their fight against Mordru.
Magic Comments:To simulate her teleporting power, I gave her variations of the abilities from Time Elemental and Elvish Piper.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Legion Magic: Orando

Legion Comments:The homeworld of Sensor Girl. Although in the technologically advanced 31st century, Orando is a medieval based world steeped in mysticism.
Magic Comments:I just gave it a version of one of my early Sensor Girl drafts. Too bad Orandans aren't known for their military...I could have had it creating knights.

Legion Magic: Sensor Girl

Legion Comments:Sensor Girl, nee Queen Projectra, nee Princess Projectra has the ability to cast incredibly life like illusions, and see through all deception. For his part in the death of her husband, Karate Kid, she executed Nemesis Kid by snapping his neck with her own hands.
Magic Comments:This has been the most difficult Legionnaire to make in terms of power interpretation, although Tyroc is getting close. I lucked out finding Reweave from CHK. With a little tweaking it works.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Legion Magic: Karate Kid

Legion Comments:Karate Kid, the royal consort to Queen Projectra, was trained from birth in every known martial art and weapon style, to be the best fighter in the 31st century. He was murdered by the one being whose super power trumps everybody in one on one combat, Nemesis Kid.
Magic Comments:I do believe he's overpowered, but damn I like what he can do! :) With his mind clear (the Hellbent ability) he can defeat an army. That really fits the character.

Legion Magic: Ferro Lad

Legion Comments:The man of iron with a heart of gold. Ferro Lad was a mutant born with the ability to turn his body into living iron, gaining a small measure of super strength in the process. He sacrificed his life delivering a bomb into the heart of a Sun-Eater that was threatening the galaxy.
Magic Comments:Pretty straight forward, although I wish I could have thought of something better or more creative than "Sacrifice Ferro Lad: Destroy target creature."

Legion Magic: Nemesis Kid

Legion Comments: 
An alchemist who created a serum that gave him the ability to either adapt whatever power he needed to defeat any single threat, or to teleport away if the odds were against him.

Magic Comments: 
Cobbled abilities from Mogg Toady and Orcish Conscripts. As per the comics, he can pretty much take on any creature one on one and win...or at least come out even.