Friday, July 31, 2009

Legion Magic: Quislet

Legion Comments:Quislet, an energy-being from an oppresive dimension called Teall, has the ability to enter and reshape inorganic matter at will, while in the process, decaying that matter at an extremely accelerated rate. Quislet escaped his dimension and came to Earth in search of fun.
Magic Comments:Being a matter animator and destroyer, I gave Quislet a cheaper costing variation of Animate Artifact, and Detonate with out the damage dealing.

Legion Magic: Batch SW6

Legion Comments:A younger group of duplicate Legionnaires found to be existing in stasis pods underneath Weisinger Plaza.
Magic Comments:Made before BoK's Mirror Gallery, it is a copy, nonetheless. I need to change the text to "The legend rule doesn't apply to creatures."

Legion Magic: Infinite Library

Legion Comments:Built outside of time by unknown hands, it is a vast repository of the history of everyone and everything from every timeline. Scholars continually search for it, mostly in vain.
Magic Comments:A modified version of Library of Alexandria.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Legion Magic: Phantom Girl

Legion Comments:Phantom Girl has the ability to become immaterial and phase in-between dimensions. While immaterial she can disrupt electrical & mechanical devices.
Magic Comments:I gave her Goblin Vandal's ability for free, a variation of the Dwarven Warriors ability, and a more color specific version of Flicker/Momentary Blink to represent her powers.

Legion Magic: Bgztl

Legion Comments:Phantom Girl's homeworld. It exists in the same space as Earth, but in another dimension.
Magic Comments:I made it a land disruption card. If your opponent relies on any certain land, you'll be able to lock it out of play.

Legion Magic: Power Melding

Legion Comments:Threeboot Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl combine their powers in order to see and talk to Mon-El in the Phantom Zone.
Magic Comments:I can't say I've seen a card that does this before. I think it works the way I have it worded.