Sunday, October 4, 2009

Legion Magic: Star Boy

Legion Comments:Star Boy controls a facet of one of the fundamental forces of the universe, gravity. Being able to inflict gravity means he can reinforce, ground, or immobilize objects and creatures.
Magic Comments:His first ability combines a defense buff, Earthbind, and Gelid Shackles, while his second is Mind Games with a variation of Rimescale Dragon added in.

Legion Magic: Armageddon

Legion Comments:None. Picture is from Infinite Crisis #5. It just looked too cool to pass up! :-)
Magic Comments:A copy of....Armageddon.

Legion Magic: Superboy's Crisis

Legion Comments:Conner Kent, having been snatched into the 31st century against his will months before, is forced to choose who survives between his new team, the Legion, and his old team come to rescue him from the future, the Teen Titans.Magic Comments:A copy of Cataclysm.