Friday, March 20, 2009

Legion Magic: Orando

Legion Comments:The homeworld of Sensor Girl. Although in the technologically advanced 31st century, Orando is a medieval based world steeped in mysticism.
Magic Comments:I just gave it a version of one of my early Sensor Girl drafts. Too bad Orandans aren't known for their military...I could have had it creating knights.

Legion Magic: Sensor Girl

Legion Comments:Sensor Girl, nee Queen Projectra, nee Princess Projectra has the ability to cast incredibly life like illusions, and see through all deception. For his part in the death of her husband, Karate Kid, she executed Nemesis Kid by snapping his neck with her own hands.
Magic Comments:This has been the most difficult Legionnaire to make in terms of power interpretation, although Tyroc is getting close. I lucked out finding Reweave from CHK. With a little tweaking it works.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Legion Magic: Karate Kid

Legion Comments:Karate Kid, the royal consort to Queen Projectra, was trained from birth in every known martial art and weapon style, to be the best fighter in the 31st century. He was murdered by the one being whose super power trumps everybody in one on one combat, Nemesis Kid.
Magic Comments:I do believe he's overpowered, but damn I like what he can do! :) With his mind clear (the Hellbent ability) he can defeat an army. That really fits the character.

Legion Magic: Ferro Lad

Legion Comments:The man of iron with a heart of gold. Ferro Lad was a mutant born with the ability to turn his body into living iron, gaining a small measure of super strength in the process. He sacrificed his life delivering a bomb into the heart of a Sun-Eater that was threatening the galaxy.
Magic Comments:Pretty straight forward, although I wish I could have thought of something better or more creative than "Sacrifice Ferro Lad: Destroy target creature."

Legion Magic: Nemesis Kid

Legion Comments: 
An alchemist who created a serum that gave him the ability to either adapt whatever power he needed to defeat any single threat, or to teleport away if the odds were against him.

Magic Comments: 
Cobbled abilities from Mogg Toady and Orcish Conscripts. As per the comics, he can pretty much take on any creature one on one and win...or at least come out even.