Sunday, April 5, 2009

Legion Magic: Timber Wolf

Legion Comments:The best Hand-to-hand fighter in the Legion after Karate Kid. He'll go for the throat with a clear shot at it, or turn feral in the face of many enemies. With his super speed, strength, and agility its hard for anybody to stop him. He was Wolverine before there was a Wolverine.

Magic Comments:Both frenzy and rampage illustrate his feral battle fury, and I gave him a cheaper version of Awesome Presence to represent his super agility.

Legion Magic: Acrobatic Maneuver

Legion Comments:During a fight in the Battle Courts, Timber Wolf demonstrates what exactly he is capable of doing with his super speed and agility.
Magic Comments:A combination of Warning and Double Cleave.

Legion Magic: Khund Challenge Courts

Legion Comments:A series of battle domes on Khundia that the inhabitants use as their system of settling judicial problems, arguments, negotiations, romantic tangles, coin flips, disagreements on the time of day....any dispute whatsoever.
Magic Comments:An enchantment version of the promotional card, Arena.

Legion Magic: Khund Battle Wagon

Legion Comments:The Khunds are a warrior race that plague the United Planets. I'm pretty certain I'll be changing this card to Tyrazz, and making Khund Battle Wagon an artifact/artifact creature.
Magic Comments:I wanted to make it sort of a Kjeldoran Outpost fortification. This is my first try at a "Future Shifted" style card.

Legion Magic: Veilmist

Legion Comments:Veilmist, a Khundish teleporter, joined the Legion to help in their fight against Mordru.
Magic Comments:To simulate her teleporting power, I gave her variations of the abilities from Time Elemental and Elvish Piper.