Friday, May 2, 2008

Legion Magic: Invisible Kid II

Legion Comments:Jacques Foccart drank a vial of the same invisibility serum as his namesake in order to defeat the megalomaniacal machine, COMPUTO. Since it was created to affect the first Invisible Kid's DNA, it had a slightly different effect on Jacques, sometimes with disastrous consequences.
Magic Comments:Same as Invisible Kid below, on the first ability. He would sometimes teleport accidentally and take another person with him. This could sometimes kill the other person.

Legion Magic: Invisible Kid

Legion Comments:A brilliant scientist, researcher, and inventor. Created the serum that allows him to become invisible and undetectable by any known means. He died saving his teammates from the Fatal Five villain Validus.
Magic Comments:The first ability reflects his invisible power...thank you shroud...and the second represents his other skills.

Legion Magic: Chemical King

Legion Comments:Chemical King was a mutant born with the power to control chemical reactions. He died stopping a bomb that, if it had exploded, would have set in motion the start of World War VII.
Magic Comments:I gave him a combination of the abilities from Stifle and the Ouphes/Hinder.

Legion Magic: Element Lad

Legion Comments:Element Lad is one of the most powerful members of the Legion. He is the sole remaining member of a race with the inherent ability to transmute elements.
Magic Comments:Like the planet he is from, Element Lad is a mana fixer. He's a bit more powerful and versatile, though, with the added ability to delve into the graveyard.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Legion Magic: Trom

Legion Comments:Trom is a highly radioactive world, whose inhabitants gained the ability to change one element to another. The entire population was wiped out by the pirate Roxxas, with the exception of one survivor, Jan Arrah, who went on to become Element Lad.
Magic Comments:A mana fixer land that has the benefit of being able to get rid of a permanent you no longer need, or are going to lose anyway.