Friday, January 11, 2008

Comics: The holds list. Spoilers!

Countdown to Final Crisis #16: Monarch starts his war at the tail-end of the multiverse, Earth 51. I wonder who the “he” is that has been manipulating Monitor Bob? My first guess is Darkseid. At least something is happening in this book…too bad it took 36 issues. 3/5

The Twelve #1(of 12): I loved the aged cover! The art team of Weston, Leach, & Chuckry did a great job, and Straczynski’s writing had it’s usual captivating effect on me. Twelve heroes are trapped by the Nazis and left in suspended animation for 60+ years, only to be reawakened in our near future of Aug. 8, 2008. Hopefully, because of the jump, they'll be able to avoid the Skrull invasion. I feel for Rockman(who either has to be wondering why his people never came to help, or is insane) and Captain Wonder(who lost his family to time and Vietnam.) I initially thought the culprit was Master Mind Excello, who can see limitedly into the future, but now I'm leaning toward Black Widow & Dynamic Man. I think it was pointedly shown that neither of them raised their hands to signify their allegiance. The high hopes I had for this title have been somewhat diminished by the fact that the protagonists have been brought into the modern time Marvel Universe. I was expecting a stand alone golden age mini-series…guess I should read the solicits & interviews better. Despite that, I'm still looking forward to the next issue. I wonder if it will tie into the upcoming Avengers/Invaders crossover? 4.5/5

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