Monday, December 17, 2007

Comics: The holds list. Spoilers!

War was popular this week!

Cartoon Network Action Pack #20: For daughter A3.

Countdown Arena #2: I’m picking this up mainly for the information on the various Earths’ designations and inhabitants. Monarch continues to force multiversal counterparts to fight to the death in order to find the best recruits for his war. This weeks battles: The Rays, The Blue Beetles, and The Green Lanterns. The late Earth 10 Ray, a young Nazi villain whose speech seemed to be peppered with Da Ali G. talk, has me wanting to see more of the Freedom Fighters’ world and its' female Fuhrer. Hey Monarch, don’t you know you have to take care of the vampire’s victims, too? 2.5/5

Countdown to Final Crisis #20: *sigh*…If Karate Kid and Una (1/3 of Triplicate Girl) weren’t in it, I wouldn’t be getting it. 2/5

Fables #68: The war between the Earth Fables and the Empire is looming closer, and the Empire seems to have stretched its' armies thin trying to fight King Ambrose and Haven. The Emperor disagrees with Gepetto’s plan to solve the Haven problem, whilst Poor Flycatcher (Ambrose) looks to be making the ultimate sacrifice in order to be victorious. Frau Totenkinder is up to something, but what? Willingham’s writing and Buckingham’s art are at their usual high levels. 5/5

Fallen Angel # 22: The battle for the archetypal city, Bete Noire, begins and is witnessed by a young boy that sleepwalked there. The Fallen Angel and the Magistrate fight the intruders, De Rais and his demons(?), with a little help from the boy and some holy water. I wonder, since the boy found his way there, and is drawing a comic of it in our world, will he be able to find his way back? Well, at least he’ll know about Benny if he does so again! PAD has promised big things will happen in this arc.4/5

Green Lantern #25: The climactic end to the sweeping space epic, "The Sinestro Corps War." The art is beautiful. Reis & Van Sciver did a terrific job, with an amount of detail rivaling that of Perez or Ha & Cannon! The GL Corps win the battle for Earth, but it seems Sinestro has achieved his goal by forcing the writing of a new Oan law allowing the use of lethal force. In his words, "The universe will fear Green Lanterns," and that's what the Sinestro Corps is all about. DC continues their overuse of Superboy Prime...but at least we find out how he got access to the multiverse in Countdown. Through the Guardians' prophecies we see another war involving five additional newly created Lantern Corps happening in 2008, which leads into "The Blackest Night," the last of Johns' Green Lantern trilogy, in 2009. Undead Black Lanterns! 5/5

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