Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gaming: Wii watch...There's always next year!

The saying the early bird gets the worm is very true...especially when it comes to limited quantity gaming consoles!

Best Buy and Target both got Wiis(Wie? Wice?) in today. The stores opened up at 8am this morning, I walked in Target at 8:05. "Wii're so sorry, Wii gave out tickets to the people who were waiting in line since last night. Wii are all out of the 72 Wiis Wii got in last night's shipment." Both stores. WOW! I don't have it in me to wait 8+ hours in sub-freezing temperatures to get this game.

There were a few dedicated people willing to sell either their tickets or the console they had bought for the regular price plus a nominal sub-freezing hardship fee, but that's also something I don't have in me. It wasn't a problem for other people, though. No sooner than I said "No, thank you," there were other people saying "Yes." Ah, well...

Good luck to you early birds. I'm not hatin', I understand. Wii will get a Wii in regular price! ; )

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